Be in Business with Google AdSense

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Be in Business with Google AdSense

Ever wondered what Google AdSense is and how you could use it to earn money? You’ve landed on just the right place to find the answers.

Have a website and want to increase its traffic? Connecting publishers and advertisers all around the globe, Google AdSense was published in 2003 and is currently being utilised by over 10 million websites. Companies pay to have their specific ads appear whenever customers search for a designated term on Google. Starting on AdSense is as simple as creating an account and entering a small amount of code to your website pages.

Want to know what the girl from class thought about you? Google it!
People are ‘googling’ solutions to all sorts of problems. AdSense allows you to put your solution to a problem out there in the form of an ad. If you can help the researcher find the answer, even if it’s with an ad, it’s likely they will choose you over your competitor. In a market flooding with choices what else could you ask for?

Interruptions are always rude.
Instead of interrupting a potential customers dog photo spree Google Ads let prospects come to you. You are more likely to actually be solving a problem rather than getting eye rolled and ignored. Some experts go as far as saying that Google Ads is a form of inbound marketing.

Everybody could do with a little budgeting.
It’s easy to spend large sums of money while promoting your product. Google Ads ensures that even when you’re not monitoring your account like a hawk, you never spend more than what is absolutely necessary.

“When an ad is performing extremely well, you can increase the ad spend on it to increase the desired results. It works in reverse to decrease ad spend on an underperforming ad. But you can also stop it instantly before losing another dime.”
-Dinesh Thakur

Traffic is the Tool of the Trade
While commissions from AdSense can go as up as 68% it’s unreal to expect an income of $1000 with a mediocre, 10-20-page website with not many clicks. This is where other aspects of digital marketing like keywords research and SEO come to play.

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