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How search engine marketing is applied to bring incoming traffic to websites?
Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of gaining incoming traffic and visitors to the website by purchasing the advertisements on the search engines. SEM can be taken as the paid search to refer to all the paid listings and can be used as the search marketing as well. When the term search marketing is used, it may refer to SEO and SEM jointly.

There are many types of search terms which are referred to following SEM activities:
1. Paid search advertisements upon the search engines
2. Paid search advertisements
3. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
4. PPC (Pay Per Call)
5. CPC (Cost Per Click)
6. CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
There are many companies on the Internet who provide such SEM services for the stipulated amount of money. In return, the settled number of incoming visitors are sent by the advertising company to the website for which the incoming traffic is purchased. Some of the companies perform some of the advertising services but in general, maximum number of such services are provided by the Google itself.
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