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What are different social media platforms and how you can benefit from it?
With the increasing usage of Internet for the social media has induced many social media platforms to emerge and to work as social media marketers. Seeing the huge success of Facebook and Twitter, many IT giants have also launched their social media platforms. Few such examples are; So.ccl& Yammer by Microsoft, and Google Plus by Google. There are currently more than fifty different types of social media platforms which are in use by the SEO practitioners and professionals to promote the ranking of their websites and webpages upon the search engines.

Fortunately, all the social media platforms are available for free, for the global usage and if these platforms are used by SEO people, they may reach all the corners and regions of globe without any hindrance. Simple is their usage; make an account (personal or business) and start publishing the content and posts upon these social media channels to generate customer attracting and connect them to the content of your websites. Depending upon the quality of the stuff at your website and the techniques of sharing on social media, the incoming links to your site from social media platforms will start pouring traffic to your website.
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