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What is role of Google Analytics in search engine optimization and page ranking?
Google Analytics is a tool available for the free analysis and auditing of the incoming traffic of the websites. As the Google occupies the prime position in the search engine optimizations and ranking, the different tools, offered by it, are also very valuable ones for the website analysis and evaluation. Google Analytics is a major such tool which can be registered and used, free of cost, by the website administrators and search engine optimizers. This tools provides the insight to the incoming traffic to the website, such as, the gender, age, education level, regions and so on, about the different visitors to the website.

In the light of the Google analytics, the search engine optimizers prepare and develop the right type of the content and other strategies for the website in order to attract the more and more relevant visitors. For example, if the site is more popular among the college going youngster in the age groups of 18 – 25, the more content and material for such groups of visitors may be developed and written to attract their attention. In such way, the Google Analytics may be prime strategy locator for the website and may play a pivotal role in the success of the website.
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