Shape Your Marketing Strategy with Google Analytics

Be in Business with Google AdSense
October 21, 2020

Shape Your Marketing Strategy with Google Analytics

Ever made an analytics account and were presented with such overwhelming information that it left your head spinning? Hopefully this helps!

By helping websites to use insights to deliver business results Google Analytics help monitor the marketing, content and product performance of your websites and apps.
Get to Know Your Audience.
Without studying your website traffic, it's hard to evaluate the efficacy of your current marketing strategy and to determine whether it's time to make a change or not. Google Analytics offers useful insight on who visits the website, how they first got there, and what sites they spent much of their time on. This familiarises you with your consumer allowing you to create a marketing strategy that is more likely to affect them.

Don’t Take Offence to the Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits on your websites. It’s data that allows you to make benefitting and attracting changes to website content and design so that the user interacts more and doesn’t leave your site from the same page they entered. Similarly, session data can allow you to make evolve to a more user-friendly and engaging interface.

The Power of A
Know your demographic better with the audience section. Uncover information about their interests, as well as the browsers and mobile devices that brought them to your site. Again, this can immensely shape the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.
Did that marketing agency really deliver results? Is AdSense driving any revenue? Get answers to all marketing strategy execution question through the acquisition section.

The extensive array of information analytics provides you with does not end here. There’s so much more that this article could continue on for days literally.
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