Pakistan is a safe country

Pakistan is a safe country

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Pakistan tourism for a solo woman can be intense in numerous ways. Unending staring, medieval mentality, constant cross-questioning, and male-dominated spaces can be uneasy for a woman traveller. But there is also a flip side. Prodigious hospitality, guaranteed assistance, and access to places men can't see - because you are a woman. Your companions might think your desire to visit Pakistan alone is Delirium. But you aren't alone! Plenty of female travelers are visiting Pakistan today and people of Pakistan are greeting them with open arms. Here are some tips that help you feel safe in Pakistan as a solo female traveller.


  1. Your Gender Is A Backstage Pass To The Society Of Pakistan
Pakistan is an amusement place for men in the top picture. You will find men everywhere. From male drivers who navigate roads to shopkeepers who sell essentials, men are everywhere. However, a woman is an assertive and decisive person in Pakistan. From cooking and cleaning to clothing and caretaking, women supervise everything. Though guests are warmly welcomed in Pakistani homes, there is a cultural barrier. Women in the family often stay away from the guest area when men are present. So, women are considered safe and welcome to interact with both males and females. While male travelers must be more discerning, it's fantastic for you being a woman, to poke your head into their kitchens and have some conversation with a woman there.

  1. You Will Find Every Area Different In Pakistan
There are several safe places to visit in Pakistan that will give you a safe and welcoming vibe. In Islamabad, females move freely, drive vehicles, wear western clothes and do almost everything that a man can do. In Rawalpindi, you will find women restricted from the activities that take place outside. Such as driving or earning. While there’s a different story in Mountainous Gilgit Baltistan. There, women are educated, they run businesses, play sports, herd animals, etc. So it depends on the area you are visiting. And as per the area, security measures are different. Enjoying freedom is a matter of choice. You can't expect enjoyment in southern counterparts, but you can relish your tour at some spaces.

  1. Modesty Is Critical while Getting Dressed In Pakistan
Pakistan is an Islamic country; avoiding shorts and crop tops will do the safety trick. Though modesty is a must, the dress isn't officially regulated; it's about respecting local culture. Modesty doesn't mean miserable—in Pakistan, the more adequately dressed the better! You are never required to wear a full Abaya to visit places in Pakistan. Shalwar Kameez is excellent and comfortable. Pakistan's community will appreciate this gesture. However, keeping a scarf with you to fling over your head will be a safety measure.


Like other countries in the world, you will find different types of people here in Pakistan, as well. But one thing is for sure, Pakistan always welcomes guests with gratitude and courteous hospitality while providing an extra safety to women travelers.

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  • Is Pakistan safe

You have seen a bunch of photos of epic mountains, hills, deserts, and valleys. You have been reading articles about Pakistan as the best state for Westerners to enjoy natural beauty. And with this inspiration, you want to travel to Pakistan but aren't sure is it safe to visit Pakistan or not? To be honest, it is a safe state for everyone, not only for westerners. You might find people in your surrounding who are dubious but think of yourself. Do you think the media is fake? Reviews that people share about Pakistan tourism aren't genuine? Have you seen the people who had visited Pakistan are dead? No? We agree, every country faces some hurdles at certain times, but the downsides don't remain constant.


  1. Is Pakistan safe?
Most westerners want to know this and to be honest, Pakistan is absolutely a safe state for westerners. Although we don't recommend visiting some places due to security issues, several cities and locations are totally safe for visitors in Pakistan after years of struggle. Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, and Lahore are among the most secure places to visit in Pakistan.

  1. What's The Situation Of Pakistan's Security Today?
Till 2012, Pakistan wasn't considered stable due to the Taliban's wrong activities. After that, the military held the country tightly and immensely tried to maintain peace. Forces ensured to deal with potential threats before any harm that may cause to anyone. You will see checkpoints and army personnel at every necessary spot. Pakistan gradually became a safe state to travel to for everyone after military practices. Today, Pakistan's record is free from terrorists, bombs, and guns.

  1. Final Words
Though Pakistan has had a tumultuous past, today Pakistan's tourism industry is regularly growing as it rebuilds its once-thriving adventure travel scene for everyone.

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Are Travelers Totally Safe In Pakistan Today?

  • Is it safe to travel to Pakistan?
  • Travelling to Pakistan

Pakistan is home to a collision of culture and colossal mountains. From boasting the great Karakoram to stretching over the Himalayas, this state offers excellent trekking. Plenty of charming Mughal fortresses, colonial hill towns, and sprawling metropolises are there to visit safely. But the name "Pakistan" doesn't precisely adjure a wonderland. Where Pakistan is mostly admired due to landscapes and culture, the terrorist attacks, military campaigns against religious extremists, and street crime fling its reputation. It's a lot to take in, and, of course, it's going to leave you wondering: "Is it safe to travel to Pakistan?" It's a genuine question. To help you answer yourself, we have compiled some facts that will prove that Pakistan is a "totally" safe state today. Read on...


  1. Best Holiday Destination (2020)
Condé Nast Traveller, the CN Traveler magazine, published an article under the title 'The best holiday destinations for 2020' where Pakistan has been ranked on the top.

  1. Promotion In Tourism Sector (2019)
Pakistan's tourism industry, currently estimated at $22 billion, is booming and is set to get a further boost at the hands of Prime Minister Imran Khan, World Travel and Tourism Council predicted. They added Pakistan's tourism would grow to over $39.8 billion within a decade.

  1. Magnificent natural beauty spot (2019)
Eva Zu Beck, a European girl, a travel blogger, creates travel content about the world's less-visited places. She mentioned Pakistan as a magnificent natural beauty spot in her vlog and stated K2 the world's most beautiful peak.

  1. Improved Ranking On Tourism (2018)
Dawn News pointed out that foreigners continue to head towards this not-so-tourist-friendly country despite adverse travel advisories by the West and law. Nearly 900,000 foreigners came to Pakistan during the last ten months.

  1. Economic Growth (2018)
As per the World Travel and Tourism Council statistics, Pakistan's tourism industry generates $20 billion in revenue and supports 3.6 million jobs directly and indirectly in the country.

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