What is search engine optimization and how it works?

What is search engine optimization and how it works?

SEO is a famous term which is used to describe the search engine optimization. Technically, it is process of loading the website and webpages with such a favorable and attractive that is Internet and search engines friendly. The process of search engine optimization starts when the website has been formally erected and some search engine friendly written and pictorial material is uploaded upon it. If the written or graphical material uploaded upon the website, correlates with the queries, made upon search engines, then the material, uploaded upon the this webpage, is reported to the search engine bots that this material is available at this page. Whole this page is known as the search engine optimization of webpages and websites.

The search engine optimization is set and planned system of making websites and webpages so much search engine optimized that a query upon the search engines may bring the material upon search engines at the top of the search engines. The best search engine practice is to write very high quality, genuine, new and highly related material which may occupy the pivotal position in response to the search engine queries.

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